To enter notes into the checker, follow these five steps:

  1. Select the key signature on the right using the drop-down boxes provided;
  2. Select the chord number and inversion of each chord using the drop-down boxes below the staff;
  3. Then move the notes so that they reflect the chord you want to enter: Click a note, then click where you would like it to go.
  4. You can raise the 7th of a minor key by clicking the "Raise Semitone" button, then clicking the note you wish to raise.
    NOTE: If you want to change the key signature after this, you should click "Undo Raise Semitone", then raise the semitone again.
  5. Click the "Check!" button. The cadence will sound and your errors in 4-part harmonic progression will be displayed in the text area below.

NOTE: To place a note just below another one, click a bit to the right of where you want the note to go.If you want a unison, do the same.