Lesson Four: New Terms
Learning music means we have to learn lots of new words. Every lesson has new words that we must read, understand and begin to use. Here are the new words from each lesson:

octave the smallest distance in sound or pitch between two notes of the same letter name
staff/stave the 5 parallel lines on which the notes are written
clef the sign at the beginning of every staff which tells what the notes should be
treble the clef which shows where the "G" line is
bass the clef which shows where the "F" line is
ledger line the small lines which show the position of notes above and below the staff
major scale the series of notes over one octave
semitone the smallest distance between two notes
tone the distance of two semitones
sharp (#) sign which raises note a semitone
flat (b) sign which lowers note a semitone
interval the distance between two notes
pitch means how high or low a note is

You should learn these words if you don't already know them. You don't need to know these exact meanings but you should understand how the words are used in music.