Picture this:

You are driving at 60 km/h when a six-year old child runs out on to the road 30 metres in front of you. Could you stop in time? buzz can tell you.

What is buzz?

buzz is a reaction tester game; it tests you on your ability to react to changes on the screen. The quicker you respond to these changes, the higher your score.

How to play?

  • Click Login to create a username or to login using an existing username.
  • Click the Start button in the game. The button will change to "Wait...".
  • When the button changes to "Click Me!", click the button once as quickly as possible.
You will be scored based on how long it takes you to react to "Click Me!" i.e., how quickly you click the button.

Play online

Sorry, but you don't have Java, or Java isn't enabled in your browser. You can download Java at java.com.


You can download buzz to play it without opening your web browser. Click here to download.

High scores

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Username React. Time Score Date/Time of Game
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There's no scores.

How you're scored

First, the length of time between the button changing to "Click Me!", and you clicking is measured. Your score is: 1.011s - length of time.

Copyright © 2007 Brenton Fletcher.